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Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Coming to Rogers



Heads up, Canada! The Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, with its 8″ Full HD Triluminos display with Live Colour LED technology, is coming to Rogers later this month. So if you’re the type that waits until the last minute to buy gifts, this would make a pretty nice stocking …

Sony SmartWatch 3 Now Available at Select Bell Stores


It looks like smartwatches are finally getting a little more mainstream with more offerings from more companies coming every day. The Apple Watch is set to launch some time next year, but for those of us in Google Land, Android Wear is definitely where it’s at. And if you’re Canadian, …

Samsung Gear S Hitting Canadian Shelves


Starting tomorrow, November 14th, Canadian consumers will be able to pick up Samsung’s all new Gear S wearable and enjoy that sweet 3G, Bluetooh, and wi-fi connectivity all from their wrist, whether or not they have their smartphone on them at the time.

The Samsung Gear S allows you to …

Roam Mobility Introduces Affordable Snowbird Roaming Plan


My MEGATech News brethren Stephen Fung and Michael Kwan travel from Canada to the US quite frequently (they just can’t get enough of our freedom), so it’s very important that they’re able to phone home without racking up an unaffordable cellphone bill. Luckily for them, Roam Mobility just announced what …

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Arrives in Canada


My Canadian brothers and sisters can now join me on this wonderful Galaxy Note journey, as Samsung Canada is bringing their great white phone to the Great White North. Oh, also the charcoal black version of the Galaxy Note 4.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you likely know …

Ashton Kutcher and Lenovo Announce New YOGA Products


Ashton Kutcher was officially named Lenovo product engineer last October, but I prefer to think that he’s still method acting as Steve Jobs, even though that movie has come and gone. Either way, Ashton Kutcher and Lenovo have just announced the next generation of the YOGA family of products – …