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Qi Wireless Charger Gets Cords Out of Cars

ZENS Car Charger

True story: if there is a cord in my room, I will trip over it. Cords are my kryptonite, wherever they may lie. ZENS understands this frustration and the convenience of cordless anything so they’re releasing the Qi Wireless Car Charger which will do exactly what it says.

With the …

Spoiler Alert – The First Game You Will Uncomplete


I’m typically a raging opponent against spoilers, but I’ll gladly make an exception for MEGAFUZZ and tinyBuild’s upcoming Spoiler Alert, a platformer scheduled to hit Steam and Android/iOS.

Touted as the “game you will complete backwards,” Spoiler Alert is a comedy platform that you play backwards, “uncompleting” the game as …

Introducing the GoLife Extreme Action Cam from PAPAGO!


PAPAGO! is not only fun to say, but they excel at making action cameras – so much so that they have an entire action camera division. That division’s latest creation is the GoLife Extreme, which they company first released at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

At $269.99, the GoLife Extreme …

Roam Mobility Now Available at Best Buy and Future Shop


If you’re a Canadian traveling down through the United States, paying for roaming fees from your Canadian carrier can prove quite spendy and that’s why Roam Mobility can be such a useful option for your occasional trip down to the States. Even though it doesn’t have its own retail stores, …