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Samsung GALAXY Note Edge Coming to Canada


Modern health science says that multi-tasking could be doing permanent damage to your brain, but come on science, this is 2015 and we need to get things done. Fortunately there are phones like the GALAXY Note Edge that excel in multitasking, and now Samsung Canada is brining the phone to …

Samsung Releases The Z1, Their First Tizen OS phone, in India


Android, iOS, and Windows Phone have the mobile OS market locked down pretty tight, but Samsung is looking to squeeze in on the action with Tizen OS, with the first Tizen-powered phone launching in India. The Samsung Z1 is available now for approximately $92.

It's cheap, but appropriately so, boasting …

Samsung Talks Internet of Things, New Products at CES 2015


As if you weren't already convinced, the Internet of Things is serious business in the realm of home technology, and now Samsung is the latest to discuss the concept while unveiling new home and kitchen appliances at CES 2015.

The Samsung Flex Duo Oven Range with Dual Door brings induction …

WeMo Announces Range of New Sensors at CES 2015


WeMo's Internet of Things ecosystem looks to get everything in your home working together as fluidly as possible and their new range of sensors, which they just announced at CES 2015, will ensure that nothing ever happens in your home that you don't immediately know about, even if you're not …