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ipad pro

Don’t Bend Your iPad Pro, You Knucklehead

Remember the "bendgate" controversy? "Bendghazi" is admittedly a better name, but a little tasteless. Apple's iPhone 6 bending issues resulted in customers walking into Apple stores and bending iPhone 6 devices... Continued
infinity flex display

Samsung Unveils Their Infinity Flex Display

Two years ago, almost to the day, we reported that a leaked patent suggested that Samsung would be putting out a foldable smartphone in 2017. Obviously, that didn't happen. And with 2018 wrapping up, the chance... Continued

Google Pixel Slate Launches in Two Weeks?

The lines are certainly blurring between what constitutes a tablet and what constitutes a "real computer." You've got the Surface Pro, the Surface Go, the iPad Pro, and the Galaxy Tab S4, among so many others. ... Continued