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Google Glass Will No Longer Be Available After Today


Chances are that if you're interested enough in Google Glass to buy a pair, you've done so already. Then again, maybe you've been batting the idea around in your head, hesitant to actually bite the bullet. Well that bullet needs to get bitten, because after today Google Glass will no …

WWE Immortals Hits iOS, Android


As MEGATech News' resident pro wrestling fan, I have put an embarrassing amount of time into WWE Supercard, the sports entertainment company's app-based collectible card game. January 15  saw the release of WWE Immortals, another app-based fighting game, this time letting you control the actual wrestlers, albeit fictional, fantasized versions of …

Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak Seems to Confirm Reported Specs


The Samsung Galaxy S6, due for release in hopefully just a few months, is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2015 thanks to both Samsung's stellar track record and the promise of a nice little overhaul to the flagship device. Now a Dutch blog has discovered leaked information on …