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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Launch in September


Let’s end the week with some exciting news, shall we? According to the often-reliable Korean Times, the Samsung Galaxy 4 will likely follow in its predecessors footsteps and and will tie its launch in with IFA Berlin 2014, which takes place in the beginning of September.

The dates don’t match …

Has Video Conferencing Killed the Voice Call?


Do you know what was the first ever music video to air on MTV when the channel first launched way back in 1981? Somehow, it was oddly appropriate for MTV to select “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. Of course, MTV has since shifted its priorities to an …

MEGATech Reviews – Sony Xperia M2 Android Smartphone


Sometimes, you really like the styling or design of flagship caliber devices, but you’re not as interested in all of those really high-end features. Maybe, you’re on a tighter budget. Maybe, you want something that looks pretty good and just gets the job done. Maybe, you’re in the market for …

Sony Xperia T3 Coming to Canada


Let me tell you about the T3. No, not the third Terminator movie that was a dull shadow of its predecessor, but the Sony Xperia T3, the phone that combines form and function with fashion.

Coming to Canada soon, this ultra-slim Android smartphone is perfect for the consumer on a …

Wiper Lets You Take Your Drunk Texts Back


Everyone has done it at least once. You’re at the bar, or a party, or just sitting at home, indulging in what will turn out to be a few too many adult beverages, and it occurs to you: You’ve not talked to so-and-so (usually an ex, if we’re being honest) …