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MEGATech Reviews: Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker


Xiaomi is not a brand that most people in North America know, but that could be changing in the next few years. The Chinese company has really made a name for itself in its home market, becoming one of the top manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets. The Mi Pad …

MEGATech Reviews: Apple Watch Review Round Up


It wasn't that long ago that smartwatches were nothing more than an idea in the heads of a few forward-thinkers. Once they became a reality, everyone began chomping at the bit to get their devices out of the factory and onto our wrists. Apple jumped into the smartwatch race with …

MEGATech Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S6


Well, this is it. Even though Samsung continues to be the biggest dog in the Android smartphone yard, sales of last year's Galaxy S5 trended downwards compared to previous generations. The company knew it had to do something dramatic to turn the tides back in their favor. And that's how …

MEGATech Reviews - ZTE Grand X Plus (Fido)


When is good enough actually good enough? Considering that many of us upgrade our smartphones every couple of years, if not sooner, it almost feels wasteful to spend upwards of $800 on a device that practically becomes obsolete the moment we buy it. And in the case of smartphones, is …

MEGATech Reviews: PAPAGO! GoSafe 520 2K Ultra-Wide Dashcam


Dashcams continue to increase in popularity around the world and more people are uploading their dashcam footage of bad drivers to YouTube for everyone to see. Another emerging trend is the rise of ultra-widescreen monitors with a movie theater-like 21:9 aspect ratio. What if we could marry these two ideas …