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MEGATech Reviews – SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset


There are two really big trends that we’re seeing in the general world of consumer electronics. First, we’ve gotten into the habit of cutting every cable we can. You’ve got wireless mice, wireless charging, and wireless printers, as well as the ability to wirelessly stream a video from your smartphone …

MEGATech Reviews – Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Smartphone


I’ve been a fan of the Galaxy series of smartphones from Samsung since the first Galaxy S many moons ago. Yes, some people may have their gripes about the plasticky feel, the oversaturated display or the TouchWiz UI, but my impressions of these phones has generally been positive. Given this, …

MEGATech Reviews: Rosewill Sonas Headphones


I have a tendency to beat headphones into the ground. The only USB headset that I own only has one working side. You can hear something rattling around in the other side when you move them, which is most likely related to it not working. I own a pair of …

MEGATech Reviews: Video Games Live: Level 3


The fact that I’m reviewing the third Video Games Live album is pretty crazy to me. I haven’t even made it to my thirties and yet I can remember a time when video game music was a niche among niches. Only the most dedicated fans would listen to videogame soundtracks, …

MEGATech Reviews – Belkin WeMo Insight Switch


We have smartphones, smart cameras, smartwatches and smart TVs, so it only makes sense that we want to extend that level of intelligence to the rest of our homes. We had previously looked at some other offerings from the WeMo line of home automation products and now we’re about to …