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Charge Twice as Fast With ChargeTech


Smartphone batteries have come a long way as far as how long they last, but you still have to charge them regularly. Normally, I'm sure most of us just plug them in when we go to bed and they're fully charged come morning. But all of us at some point …

MEGATech Showcase: Flashy Flash Drives


My collection of bookmarks has grown into a big enough file that it's time for another Showcase! As I'm sure you know by now, I love flash drives. The goofier they look, the better, at least for me. Not only do I abhor anything plain and boring, I also have …

LG G3 Available at Fido in Canada


I've got good news for all the Canadian guys, gals, and everybody in between. The LG G3, which launched in Canada on August 1st of last year, is now available through the Toronto-based Fido, Canada's fourth-largest wireless service provider.

The LG G3 is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen that sports …

Beat Winter with a Rechargeable Cordless Snowblower


As far as I'm concerned, "snow" is a four-letter word comparable to the ones you're not supposed to say in polite company. We pay a service to plow our driveway, but that still leaves the porches and sidewalks for me to shovel, and quite frankly I am just not that …

Google Glass Will No Longer Be Available After Today


Chances are that if you're interested enough in Google Glass to buy a pair, you've done so already. Then again, maybe you've been batting the idea around in your head, hesitant to actually bite the bullet. Well that bullet needs to get bitten, because after today Google Glass will no …

Google's Project Ara Could Be a Game Changer


You might not remember Project Ara by name. As far as names go, it doesn't stand out. What you most likely will remember is Google's crazy DIY phone that lets you easily snap different pieces of hardware in and out in the form of modules, not unlike a desktop computer. …

Improve Your Posture With the Smart Back Brace


As a rule, most of us have perfectly awful posture. It's a wonder we can stand upright given how some of us spend our sitting time. As I write this, I'm slouched in my recliner with one leg draped over the arm, my shoulders at about a 120-degree angle back …