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iPhone XR

So How Does the iPhone XR Stack Up?

When Apple first announced the iPhone XR (alongside the XS and XS Max) I scoffed, scoffed I tell you, at the idea that this was Apple's "budget" phone. It's a relative term, as the phone is considerably cheaper... Continued
artoo detoo

13 Jobs Lost to the Automation Uprising

We all like to joke about the impending robot apocalypse; the hilarious, fiery doom that awaits us at the "hands" of sentient machines turning against their very creators. Good times. And though the merciless g... Continued
galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review Roundup

The Samsung Galaxy S8 arrived this time-ish last year with one objective: erase the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7s from the collective consciousness. It did that and then some, garnering fantastic reviews. Wh... Continued
iphone x

iPhone X Review Roundup

The iPhone X is here and the hype locomotive has been more powerful that Superman himself, despite rumors to the contrary. Don't tell me that Tim Cook hasn't been sweating bullets. The iPhone fan base is a ... Continued
galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Review Roundup

The Samsung Galaxy s8 and Galaxy S8+ drop today. Smartphones aren’t cheap, especially high-end ones. Before you spend your hard-earned cashed, you’ll want to do some research to decide whether or not the phone ... Continued