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CES 2015 – Diamond Multimedia Keeps You Connected


Diamond Multimedia has quite the broad-sweeping product portfolio, looking to the PC gaming community just as much as it provides IT solutions for the everyday mainstream user too. At CES 2015, several new devices were announced by Diamond Multimedia and a good number of them are aimed at providing better …

Improve Your Posture With the Smart Back Brace


As a rule, most of us have perfectly awful posture. It’s a wonder we can stand upright given how some of us spend our sitting time. As I write this, I’m slouched in my recliner with one leg draped over the arm, my shoulders at about a 120-degree angle back …

Samsung Talks Internet of Things, New Products at CES 2015


As if you weren’t already convinced, the Internet of Things is serious business in the realm of home technology, and now Samsung is the latest to discuss the concept while unveiling new home and kitchen appliances at CES 2015.

The Samsung Flex Duo Oven Range with Dual Door brings induction …

WeMo Announces Range of New Sensors at CES 2015


WeMo’s Internet of Things ecosystem looks to get everything in your home working together as fluidly as possible and their new range of sensors, which they just announced at CES 2015, will ensure that nothing ever happens in your home that you don’t immediately know about, even if you’re not …

ARCHOS Bring New 4G Line to CES 2015


The France-based ARCHOS might not be the most well-known name when it comes to smartphones and tablets, but they continue to chug along, producing affordable, mid-range products that pack a punch at a low price. They’ll be announcing a whole new range of 4G products at CES 2015, while showing …

Stirio Lends an Extra Hand in the Kitchen


As we’ve just come through the holiday season, I’m betting a fair majority of you spent a great deal of time in the kitchen. I know I did! One of the things that a lot of folks hate is the need to stir something while trying to get other things …

Never Miss Whodunnit Again With Kipstr


Wearable tech is a huge thing lately, with fitness trackers, sleep trackers, location trackers, stuff trackers, communication devices, and all manner of bracelets, bands, ear buds, and whatnot hitting the market. For the most part, I’m not that interested. I’m enough of a Luddite that while I love some aspects …