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NOOK Bonus Digital Content Offers Great Value


When you’re in the market for a new gadget or gizmo, assuming that you are the kind of shopper who wants to make an educated buying decision, you take the time to compare some of your top choices. Naturally, you’ll look to the feature list to ensure the product will …

Keep Your Feet Toasty with Digitsole


Where I live we’ve been enjoying a warm spell, but it came on the heels of a few days of overnight frost. Which means my mind turns to ways to survive the winter without freezing, but also without using more than my share of resources. One thing that can make …

Brick and Mortar Amazon Store Coming to NYC


Many people will tell you that online shopping is killing the traditional retail experience and few industries are being hit quite as hard as the regular old bookstore. People will that you that it’s because of Amazon that mom-and-pop bookstores are closing their doors, but now things might be going …

Shopify and the Seamless Multi-Device Experience


When you want to connect with a faraway friend, you have several options. You can pick up the phone and make a long distance call. You can initiate a Skype video chat on your desktop computer. You can send an e-mail through your tablet and engage in an asynchronous conversation. …

FoodTweeks: Cut Calories and Feed the Hungry


Fall is kind of a free zone for dieters, in that the weather is turning colder and we all want comfort food, summer is over so you no longer have to worry about wearing a bathing suit in public, and you’re in general wearing heavier, bulkier clothing. But for those …

Evermind Offers Peace of Mind for Elderly Relatives


An ageing population brings about concerns for their well-being, while at the same time it’s hard for us to see our parents or grandparents as often as we’d like. It’s not uncommon for folks to go months without seeing their parents, or weeks without talking to them. If your elderly …