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Apple Watch Battery Will Be Replaceable


Apple held their Spring Forward event yesterday at which they spoke at length about the upcoming Apple Watch and all that it had to offer. They revealed that the cheapest version of the device will cost $349 with the most expensive variation being $17,000. That's not a typo, but the …

Track Your Stuff With Pixie Points


Don't you hate it when you lose your stuff? I once spent a good 20 minutes tearing my house apart trying to find my keys... which were sitting on a different table than where I usually leave them. There is a large number of tracking devices on the market, but …

Get the Support You Need With a Bionic Bra


If you're a woman, you'll get it. If you're a man who knows a woman, you might get it. The problem is the incredibly wide variety of bras available for an array of purposes. And you can spend an amazing amount of money on one, only to find out after …

Foodsniffer Saves You From Food Gone Bad


When I was in college, I lived with one of my sisters for a while. And invariably she would hand me some sort of food or beverage and ask me to taste it because she thought it might be bad. Why I never refused is beyond me, because sometimes it …

Smarter Coffee Makes Mornings Better


If it wasn't for coffee, most of us would never manage to leave the house. And if it wasn't for coffee makers with timers, many of us would never even manage to get out of bed, much less leave the house. But what about those days when you wake up …

The Evolution of Shopping and Payment Systems


Paper or plastic? That's the stereotypically iconic question that was asked of many a shopper as they checked out at the local grocer in the past. These days, with the increasing move toward more eco-friendly decisions, the question is becoming less relevant. When I make my way down to Bellingham, …