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Why Every Taxi in Taipei Has a Dashcam

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Automotive technology has a pretty clear trickle-down effect. It used to be the case that only higher-end luxury vehicles had airbags, but now they have become standard equipment in even the most economical of vehicles. This is also true from the third-party perspective. Standalone GPS navigation devices and portable Bluetooth …

Hold Hands From a Distance With Frebble


One of the best things about relationships is holding hands. Whether it’s between a couple, a parent and child, a grandparent and grandchild, best friends… holding hands with someone you care about is amazing. But in today’s world, with work or military service or maybe just scheduling keeping us apart …

Geek Trivia Makes Clean Living Easy


One of the best ways to prevent disease is to wash your hands frequently, but you also need to do it correctly. I’m sure you’ve all heard the adage that you should sing “Happy Birthday” while you wash because it’s about the right length of time… but I’m betting most …

Smart Cloud Puts a Thunderstorm in Your Living Room


As I sit here writing this post, a thunderstorm is slowly rolling through. I’ve been hearing the long, rolling thunder for about a half hour, and the wind just died down in preparation for the big blow. According to radar, the bulk of it will stay north and south of …

The Only iPad Back Up Battery Lap Desk You Need


Mobile workstations are definitely becoming more popular and there are a wide variety of options available to suit pretty much any need. Hammacher Schlemmer has added a new lap desk to their collection that promises to not just make your workspace more productive and comfortable, but can charge your iPad …

Findster Tracks Kids and Pets With No Monthly Fees


Everyone claims it won’t happen, right up until the time it does. It’s not that you’re a bad parent or an unobservant pet owner, it’s that they’re quick. And sneaky. Sometimes you get distracted, and it only takes a second. I once lost my sister’s kids while writing up a …