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VAIO Coming to CES Without Sony


Everyone has heard some variation of the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure," but did you know that this applies to billion-dollar companies as well? That seems to be what's happening with Japan Industrial Partners, who last year bought the VAIO brand when Sony decided to bow out …

Samsung Gear S Hitting Canadian Shelves


Starting tomorrow, November 14th, Canadian consumers will be able to pick up Samsung's all new Gear S wearable and enjoy that sweet 3G, Bluetooh, and wi-fi connectivity all from their wrist, whether or not they have their smartphone on them at the time.

The Samsung Gear S allows you to …

MEGATech Reviews: Spoiler Alert for PC


Spoilers are a controversial topic. Most people treat them like landmines and go to great lengths to avoid them. Others are only slightly bothered by them, while an even smaller pocket of people don't seem to mind them at all. Then, there are those who actively hate spoiler-phobes, maybe even …