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MEGATech Reviews – Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Smartphone


I’ve been a fan of the Galaxy series of smartphones from Samsung since the first Galaxy S many moons ago. Yes, some people may have their gripes about the plasticky feel, the oversaturated display or the TouchWiz UI, but my impressions of these phones has generally been positive. Given this, …

Samsung’s Midrange Galaxy Ace Style Coming in April


With my, ahem, modest finances, “budget smartphone” is a combination of words that always grabs my attention. The Samsung Galaxy Ace Style is a midrange smartphone powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and running Android 4.4 KitKat that is indeed aimed at consumers on a budget.

The phone is “designed …

Qi Wireless Charger Gets Cords Out of Cars

ZENS Car Charger

True story: if there is a cord in my room, I will trip over it. Cords are my kryptonite, wherever they may lie. ZENS understands this frustration and the convenience of cordless anything so they’re releasing the Qi Wireless Car Charger which will do exactly what it says.

With the …