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Smart Cloud Puts a Thunderstorm in Your Living Room


As I sit here writing this post, a thunderstorm is slowly rolling through. I’ve been hearing the long, rolling thunder for about a half hour, and the wind just died down in preparation for the big blow. According to radar, the bulk of it will stay north and south of …

SCiO Magically Scans and Analyzes the World Around You


Do you ever wonder what exactly things are made of? Probably everyone has eaten some fabulous dish at a restaurant and really wished they could duplicate it at home (and sometimes you can), but I’m talking about lots more things. Like analyzing the soil content of your garden to see …

SITU Smart Scale Makes Nutrition Tracking Easy


One of the things I do is cook, and primarily I cook for my pre-diabetic mother. Which means it’s become almost second nature for me to know what ingredients I can use in what quantities to keep meals within her dietary restrictions. But it wasn’t always that way, and when …