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LG Announces the LG Watch Urbane


Where most companies developing smartwatches are going for a very modern, hi-tech look, LG's new "Urbane" Android Wear smartwatch is going for sophistication above all and, for what it's worth, it looks pretty dang good.

LG considers the watch to the be the first "all-metal luxury Android Wear device," and …

Must Have: Star Wars Series MimoPowerTube


Over the years, we've looked at a great number of Mimoco products, because they are quite frankly amazing. They of course produce Mimobot flash drives in an astounding array of styles (all fully licensed), but there is also their MimoPower line of gadgets so you never have to worry about …

Charge Twice as Fast With ChargeTech


Smartphone batteries have come a long way as far as how long they last, but you still have to charge them regularly. Normally, I'm sure most of us just plug them in when we go to bed and they're fully charged come morning. But all of us at some point …

Google Glass Will No Longer Be Available After Today


Chances are that if you're interested enough in Google Glass to buy a pair, you've done so already. Then again, maybe you've been batting the idea around in your head, hesitant to actually bite the bullet. Well that bullet needs to get bitten, because after today Google Glass will no …

Optoma Brings New NuForce Earbuds to CES 2015


Never underestimate the importance of quality earbuds. I know it's hard to imagine paying so much for something so small, but it's worth it, especially if you're like me and music is essential to a long walk. Optoma understands this, which is why they've introduced two new pairs of NuForce …