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MEGATech Showcase: Flash Drives Are Back!


Is it just me, or has it been a hundred years since we had a flash drive showcase? It’s like all of a sudden the only flash drives out there were boring, plain, didn’t do anything cool, and in general just didn’t seem worthy of being featured. But I’ve finally …

LUXA2 Clip Series for Using Gadgets on the Go

LUXA2 Tab Clip - the car mount of choice for your 6_ _ 10_ Phablet Tablet Devices

I have a friend who regularly talks on the phone while he drives – and I’m talking with his phone in his hand and to his ear – and it’s nothing short of terrifying. Don’t be one of those people. Recent statistics say that 1 in 4 car accidents can …

Pavlok Bracelet: Shockingly Easy Fitness


As I’m sure you’re aware, gadgets that track your exercise regimen are everywhere. Most of them are passive, gathering information such as your heartbeat, breathing rate, steps taken, length of workout, and so forth. They all reward you for accomplishing your exercise goals while also allowing you to compare your …

Booze Joulies: Cold Drinks Without Dilution


Don’t you hate when the ice melts into your Scotch, leaving what used to be an excellent sipping experience watered down and nasty? Over the last couple of years we’ve looked at a number of creative ice options, but what most of them have in common is that ice melts. …

MEGATech Reviews – Case Logic DCB-305 Compact Camera Bag


A growing number of photography enthusiasts are migrating away from larger digital SLRs and into the world of compact system cameras or so-called hybrid cameras. And what we are finding is that traditional “camera bags” designed for larger DSLRs are inherently too big for these more compact cameras, so what …