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Samsung Gear S Hitting Canadian Shelves


Starting tomorrow, November 14th, Canadian consumers will be able to pick up Samsung’s all new Gear S wearable and enjoy that sweet 3G, Bluetooh, and wi-fi connectivity all from their wrist, whether or not they have their smartphone on them at the time.

The Samsung Gear S allows you to …

Pickup Power is Simply Brilliant


It’s a recurring theme around here: gadgets and their power consumption. Even if you don’t carry many gadgets, odds are really good you also carry at least a charging cord if not a portable charger. And you have at least one (and most likely more) power strip at home. The …

CameraBadge: For the Paranoid


Let me start by saying I live on the edge, and as I sit here my unprotected laptop camera is pointing directly at me. Which means if someone has bothered to hack it, they can see me sitting here with my hair piled on top of my head, periodically sipping …

Ryobi Puts Your Smartphone to Work


Smartphones are sometimes the bane of existence at work, especially for those around the person who just can’t wait to post a picture or make a comment, leaving everyone hanging until he/she can get back to the task at hand. But Ryobi wants to change how we think about that, …

Microsoft Announces the Microsoft Band


So the Microsoft Band has officially been announced, with Bill Gates on lead guitar and- oh, wait, I’m confused. Oh, this is a fitness accessory? Well that’s cool too, I guess.

The Microsoft Band is available for $199 starting today, October 30th, and according to Microsoft, it’s really the cat’s …

Walk Your Way to Power with AMPY


If you have gadgets, particularly a smartphone, you are intimately familiar with the frustration that is battery life. The technology that packs our devices with more and more functions is light years ahead of the technology that allows us to power them for more than a few hours, and so …

MEGATech Showcase: Add Some LEGO to Your Life


By now, you’re familiar with our LEGO Showcases, and hopefully you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy putting them together. Today we’re going to check out several different items that are not necessarily all made out of LEGO, but which are LEGO-related products you can buy to …

3-in-1 Phone Charger: I Need This!


I’m probably not the only one who has a love-hate relationship with my smartphone, right? I mean, I love the convenience of being able to accomplish most simple tasks online without having to haul around my laptop, but I hate how quickly the battery drains. I do have a couple …

Manage Your Stress with Olive


Everybody has stress, and we all have our different ways of dealing with it. Some of us are maybe not so good at it, though, so our stress overwhelms us, to the detriment of our emotional and physical well-being. The trouble I’ve found with a great deal of the stress …