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Must Have: Ryo Reversible USB Adapter


Last fall, we looked at BelayCords, which I promptly backed and have been happily using for a couple of months now. While I understand that plugging a USB cable in the wrong way is hardly a problem that deserves undue attention, it is incredibly annoying and all of us …

Apple Watch Battery Will Be Replaceable


Apple held their Spring Forward event yesterday at which they spoke at length about the upcoming Apple Watch and all that it had to offer. They revealed that the cheapest version of the device will cost $349 with the most expensive variation being $17,000. That's not a typo, but the …

Track Your Stuff With Pixie Points


Don't you hate it when you lose your stuff? I once spent a good 20 minutes tearing my house apart trying to find my keys... which were sitting on a different table than where I usually leave them. There is a large number of tracking devices on the market, but …

Rock Band 4 Coming to PS4, Xbox One this Fall


Remember Rock Band? I feel like I need to ask that because the rythym game fake-instrument genre that once dominated the social gaming scene has all but vanished completely over the past few years, and I imagine there are countless gamers out there who have the peripherals collecting dust in …

NVIDIA Announces The Shield Android TV Gaming Console


First there was the NVIDIA Shield. And then came the NVIDIA Shield. And now, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, NVIDIA has announced their newest device: the NVIDIA Shield. That's not confusing at all.

I kid, of course, but NVIDIA's propensity to call everything The Shield is a …

PAPAGO! Spring Giveaway Offering Up Free Goodies


It is an absolutely indisputable fact that everyone loves free stuff. Most people don't even care what the "stuff" in question is, the idea of it being free of charge is enough to make it appealing. PAPAGO! is giving away some stuff on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their Spring …