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No, IE7 isn't a virus, though it is a bit buggy sometimes.  However, there is a real threat out there, and it's sitting in your inbox disguised as an Internet Explorer 7 Download.

The e-mails carry the subject line "Internet Explorer 7 Downloads" and appear to come from admin@microsoft.com. They include a blue, Microsoft-style graphic offering a download of IE 7 beta 2. Clicking the graphic will download an executable file called IE 7.exe.

The file is actually a new virus called Virus.Win32.Grum.A, and security experts were still analyzing it Friday to see what it does. Sophos PLC said it can spread by e-mailing itself to contacts in a user's address book. The virus tampers with registry files to ensure it gets installed, and it tries to download additional files from the Internet, said Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant for Sophos.

Source: Network World

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  • I think anyone who clicks a link from an email to download software is a bit crazy :) I just find it best going to the windows update site for that type of stuff.