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Smoke alarms are simple little devices that could very well save the lives of you and your family. That is if your family is willing to tolerate the occasional "BOOP BOOP BOOP" that the device emits whenever somebody slightly overcooks something in the oven. This seems like a small price to pay for something so crucial to fire safety, but try as I might, I can't think of one friend who has a smoke alarm in their house.

While not everyone loves the soothing tones of a blaring smoke alarm, people are pretty fond of birds. Designer Louise van der Veld took note of this and combined the two into the Chick-A-Dee smoke alarm, an alarm that's shaped like a bird, makes bird noises, and can clip on to any available surface so you don't need to screw it into a wall or ceiling. When it dedicates smoke, it lets out a gentle bird noise. As the smoke spreads, the sound grows to an 85dB "DEE DEE DEE" sound, which in bird-speak translates to "get out of the house."

The Chick-A-Dee won a Dutch design award in 2006 and is now for sale in the U.S., retailing for $75 at Chick-A-Dee.Eu in six different colors.

via Gizmodo