AViiQ Ready Clips Simplify Your Charging Needs

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When I bought the battery case for my phone, it came with what I thought at the time was the silliest, most useless little cable. It's maybe four inches long, and has a USB connector on one end and a micro USB connector on the other. But it's only four inches long! I figured there was no possible way I would ever use it for anything. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. I use that cable more often than anything else. It's easy to carry, it doesn't get tangled, and I don't have to worry about catching it and sending my phone flying to the floor.

AviiQ has taken that a step further. Ready Clip cables are available with Micro, Mini and Apple’s 30 pin connector. Each one measures just 5.5 inches long and .25 inches thick. They're bendable, and feature a clip so you can easily attach it to your pocket, or the pocket in your gear bag, or whatever else. In fact, they were specifically created so you can carry them in your pocket like you would a pen.

The pricing is a little goofy on these. You can't actually buy all three types in a set. They do offer them in the various combinations of two, or you can buy them individually. Starting price is $12.99 US.

Source: The Gadgeteer


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