Rogers/Fido Discontinue Google Pixel, Pixel XL

One of the surefire signs that a new thing is coming is when a retailer stops selling the old thing. Or when the retailer puts on a fire sale for the old thing in an effort to clear out all the inventory before... Continued

MEGATech Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The lines have been blurring for some time now. It used to be that you'd have touchscreen tablets that are used mostly for media consumption, and then you have proper laptops for when you want to be a little mo... Continued

Amazon Anytime Aims to Expand the Kingdom

By now, you've likely seen the meme being passed around on social media. In one frame, we see Jeff Bezos back in the day, saying that he sells books. In the other frame, looking like he's in full J.K. Simmons c... Continued