samsung galaxy note 8

Here's What the Galaxy Note 8 Will Look Like

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 will be released in September. We know this because Samsung Mobile Chief DJ Koh confirmed it recently, despite the phone not even being officially announced yet. Apparently, the company ... Continued

The Ataribox Will Please Old and New Fans Alike

Atari hinted at the Ataribox at this year's E3, but they didn't give us much in the way of details. We still don't know a lot, but they've now released enough details to tell us that the Ataribox is heavily ins... Continued
nokia 6

Nokia 6 Now Available in the US Through Amazon

My fellow Americans, those of you who have been clamoring for the Nokia 6 ever since it dropped in China can now get your red, white, and blue hands on it. It's available through Amazon for the low, low price o... Continued

Wireless Charging Coming After iPhone Launch

The iPhone 8, the tenth anniversary iPhone, will have wireless charging capabilities. If the assortment of leaks didn't convince you, what about when Wistron CEO Robert Hwang accidentally let that little detail... Continued

The AnyWatt Adapter - USB-C's Best Friend

Working in the electronics section of a department store, I get all sorts of customers looking for adapters of various sorts. The amount of different types of connections is mind-boggling and frustrating for a ... Continued
fidget spinner

Fidget Spinners Explode Now

You know what's even cooler than a Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinner that plays music? A Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinner that plays music and explodes. Wait, no, that's not cool, that's terrifying. What w... Continued