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A few days ago, I told you about the Aqua Force Crossbow, in case you wanted to step up your water balloon fights a notch. Now along comes the Aqua Force Blaster, for those who are either uninterested or have proven inept with a crossbow. Of course, this one doesn't give you quite as much exercise, but I have this vision of a parent or older sibling sitting in a chair on the porch just waiting for an opportune time to shoot some unsuspecting kid from behind. That's what I would do, anyway.

Much like the Crossbow, the Blaster is made of high-impact plastic, and comes with 50 balloons as well as a vinyl target for practice. It measures 36cm(L) x 32cm(H) x 26cm(W), and is suitable for ages eight and up. Firing distance will vary depending on your abilities, but the range is purported to be up to 50 feet. It's ready to fire right out of the box, so all you need to do is fill your balloons with water and you're ready to rumble. This one does offer you something of an upper body workout as well, since the firing mechanism is pull and release, so no worries about getting too lazy.

The Blaster is not currently available, but as with the Crossbow you can either preorder or sign up to be emailed when it becomes available later in the season. Cost is just 14.99.

Source: Coolest Gadgets