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As has seemingly become the norm with Apple products, some type of clock-related function has stopped working with the change of the year. Be it Daylight Savings Time or the moving from one year to the next, Apple continues to struggle with a fault free process.

This year, Apple users are finding the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature is taking things to extremes, and enacting it permanently by not shutting off when the scheduled time has finished. DND allows users to schedule times on the phone for when picking up unnecessary calls or receiving bothersome notifications is not practical. Whether in a meeting, at the gym, or catching up on some sleep, DND simply turns off when the specified time period has elapsed, and allows the user to return to regular scheduled lifestyle.

Apple has elected not to release a software patch fix, instead insisting this bug will sort itself out by January 7th, 2013. They released a technical support bulletin on their website earlier, specifying users to just manually turn off DND and restart as necessary. I simply wonder if the app needs to run through every day of the week in order to reset itself. In a small twist of irony, this glitch comes in the wake of an Apple television spot over the holidays proclaiming the wonders of DND.

I don't use DND very often, but have found it useful for short trips out of the country to save on excess notifications, calls or SMS.