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Way back in 2000, Brazilian company Gradiente Electronica registered the name "iPhone" for use in Brazil. Brazilian regulators have now ruled that because of that registration, Apple can't claim exclusive use of the name on mobile handsets. They're still free to use the name; however, Gradiente Electronica is allowed to sue for exclusive use.

Apple's argument was that Gradiente didn't release a product with the iPhone name until December of 2012, the Android-powered iPhone Neo One, and that their exclusivity should be canceled through expiration. The chairman of Gradiente has stated that they're perfectly open to negotiations with Apple.

I couldn't be further from an Apple fan, and I'm certainly not familiar with Brazilian trademark law, but I think Apple's complaint has merit. Gradiente Electronica sat on the name for years and apparently didn't release a product until Apple had already popularized the iPhone name. That's shady business, right there.

via BBC