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What's the opposite of rolling in your grave? Whatever it is, Steve Jobs is probably doing it right about now. Last year Apple came in at #35 in the Fortune 500 list of the biggest corporations in America. This year, it's jumped a whopping eighteen spots to land at number seventeen. Hewlett-Packard is the only company that beat Apple in its own industry.

One of the biggest factors in making this happen is Apple expanding its presence in other countries in a large way. iPhones and iPads showed up overseas not long after their US debuts, whereas the lead time used to be significantly longer. Apple is also doing very well with digital content. The company pulled in $26 billion last year, making it the third most profitable company in Fortune, behind only Chevron at $26.8 billion and Exxon Mobil at a staggering $41 billion.

via Slash Gear