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Apple has reportedly confirmed the purchase of online transit-navigation app maker HopStop, as well as Toronto-based Locationary Inc, which primarily focuses on business-location maps.

Locationary, backed by Extreme Venture Partners and Plazacorp Ventures ensures that not only location based data is correct, but the businesses in question are actually still in business, solving one of the modern Internet location-based problems: out of date information. Hopstop, founded in 2005, designs apps for both Apple and Android that cover more than 300 cities worldwide. In addition to public transit, it includes options for not only walking, but biking and taxi as well.

After the introduction of Maps in iOS 6 last September, Apple has been plagued with problems and location based errors in its mapping system. With the purchase of these two mapping-based startups, it can't be said that Apple is standing on its heels. It appears that Apple is taking the bull by the horns and attempting to plug many of the holes in its mapping software.

Via AllThingsD

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