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Antec is just on a roll this year with refinement of their base products. First we saw the new budget case from Antec in the Antec One. Then we saw an expansion of the Antec EarthWatt series with the Platinum lineup. Now Antec is completely rethinking case fans with the new TrueQuiet Pro 120.

Yeah, I bet you had to do a double take on that picture. It just plain doesn't look like any other case fan to date. The idea is simple if you think about it. Other case fans place a fan within a frame with space between the two to allow for the propeller to rotate. Antec decided to take a frame and attach the propeller to the face of the frame like an actual aircraft propeller.

The one change to the concept of how to build a PC case fan does two things. The space between the frame and propellers on other case fans creates an area where airflow is choppy and thus noisy. As this space is now gone, the noise level is reduced for the TrueQuiet Pro at the same speed. The second is this space is replaced with more fan blade surface area. Larger blades and the reduction in choppy air at the edges improve air pressure.

The new Antec TrueQuiet Pro 120 will be available at major etailers and retailers for an MSRP of $19.95 right now for those in North America. Europe will get their stock by March 22nd. While I can't say this will be the start of an innovation for all case fans, this could become Antec's new standard for their premium case fan lineups in the future. I hope to see their 140 mm and 230 mm versions forthcoming if these perform as well as Antec claims.

Full Press Release »

March 13, 2012 – Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components announces the TrueQuiet™ Pro 120 enclosure fan.

The TrueQuiet Pro 120 combines a completely redesigned fan blade with special Quiet Computing™ features to deliver high airflow with minimal noise.

Revolutionary Fan Blade – The fan blade of the TrueQuiet Pro 120 is a departure from traditional axial fan blade designs; it is attached to the frame, forming a type of cylindrical turbine. This design provides the fan with a greater cooling surface area, while eliminating turbulence associated with traditional fan blades that “chop” the air by the frame.

Flexible Quiet Computing™ – The TrueQuiet Pro 120 keeps noise at a minimum due to its built-in silicone grommets and tool-less silicone mounting pins. Additionally, the TrueQuiet Pro 120’s convenient two-speed control switch allows users to choose between 600 RPM silent operation and 1200 RPM high performance cooling.

User-Friendly Installation – Equipped with tool-less mounting pins, the TrueQuiet Pro 120 installs easily into nearly any 120 mm fan mount. A 3-pin to Molex adapter is also included to accommodate users who do not have 3-pin motherboard connections.

“The TrueQuiet Pro 120 is a revolution in powerful, yet silent PC cooling” said Mafalda Cogliani, Global Marketing Director at Antec. “Its unique design provides an airflow-to-noise that competitors will be hard-pressed to match.”

The TrueQuiet Pro 120 is now available in North America at Fry’s Electronics, NCIX, Canada Computers and other major retailers and etailers at an MSRP of $19.95. Mass availability is expected in Europe on or around March 22, 2012.