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Ready or not, here they come. After a bit of teasing, Angry Birds Star Wars II has officially been announced for a September 19 release date. While the original Angry Birds Star Wars was based on the original (and good) trilogy, the sequel is going to be based on the more recent Star Wars prequels.

The game will also introduce thirty never-before-seen characters, but I'm not sure if that means they've been seen in Star Wars or in Angry Birds. Since Angry Birds doesn't know where to stop, there will also be over thirty collectable "Telepods" figures from Hasbro. Place this figures onto your smart phone or tablet camera and they'll be scanned into the game.

For the first time in Angry Birds history, players will be able to choose a side, meaning that if you're as sick of the birds as I am, you can actually do something about it. May the Force be with all of us.

via Talk Android