This really isn’t that surprising given the crazy popularity the Angry Birds franchise has seen, but Angry Birds Space, the latest in the series, has reached 10 million downloads in just three days. Angry Birds Rio, the previous game in the series, took ten days to reach the same number of downloads. Obviously a big factor in breaking that record is Angry Bird Space’s simultaneous availability on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS, though it doesn’t hurt that it’s also the best game in the series thus far – something we’ll elaborate on in our forthcoming review.

As popular as Angry Birds is, it’s become almost equally as popular to hate on the series. I’ll admit that my love for the series definitely faded over time, but Angry Birds Space shows that Rovio is serious about maintaining a quality gaming franchise, something that all gamers – both casual and hardcore – should be able to respect.

via The Verge

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