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There are certain rumors that never go away thanks to sporadic support from different "sources" and leaked information. The Amazon phone is one of those. It's been long rumored that Amazon will enter the smartphone market at some point. A new story has surfaced, reinforcing this rumor, and reporting that Amazon will indeed be launching a smartphone - a 3D smartphone! Cue scattered applause, a few gasps, but mostly sighs and snoring noises.

When Amazon hired Charlie Kindel, who previously worked with the Windows Phone, it was enough to resurrect the Amazon phone rumor. Now the Wall Street Journal has brought the 3D rumor to the table. According to the WSJ, Amazon is actually looking into developing two new smartphones (one of which is 3D) and a dedicated audio device.

The 3D is an odd choice, as mobile 3D has yet to prove lucrative. Just look at LG's 3D Phone and 3D Tablet which was received lukewarmly at best. You could count the Nintendo 3DS too, but the 3D feature certainly doesn't seem to be driving those sales. Time will tell what Amazon is up to exactly. I'm a fan of theirs, but do we really need more phones?

via TechCrunch

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