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If you've been around for a while, you know I am on what seems to be a never-ending quest to find an alarm clock that actually works. Getting up in the morning is definitely not something I'm good at, so I've amassed quite a collection of various gadgets over the years that claim they'll do the trick. Could this new idea from Alarming Industries be the answer I've been seeking? One can only hope...

In addition to waking you up in the morning, the Alarming Clock has an alarm (which is set automatically based on what time you need to wake up) to let you know what time at night you should start winding down and heading to bed so you get optimal sleep. I suspect that time will come as a surprise to many folks, me definitely included. The example given is if you set the morning alarm for 7:00am, the evening alarm will go off at 10:00pm to let you know it's time to hit the hay. I can't even imagine, to be honest.

It also uses a sound that mimics that of a woodpecker to wake you up, which you can alter depending on what surface you place it on or what objects you place it near. The tapping noise is supposed to be more natural to wake up to, and certainly has to be a much less rude awakening than the klaxon I'm currently using. One feature I like is the clock face is in the bottom, and thus not visible when you're lying in bed not sleeping. In theory, that could help you fall asleep because you won't be doing the math in your head while you lie there awake, wondering how many hours (or sadly, often in my case, minutes) you have until you need to be up.

The Alarming Clock is currently on Kickstarter, where a pledge of £180 or more will get you in on the ground floor. The funding window ends April 16.

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Kickstarting a good night’s sleep

Improving the nation’s sleeping pattern: The Alarming Clock now live on Kickstarter

London, The Alarming Clock, a unique take on the traditional alarm clock aiming to improve sleeping patterns, is now live on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The handcrafted Alarming Clock by Alarming Industries uniquely features an evening alarm in addition to its morning alarm. This tells the user when to start winding down, ensuring they are relaxed and can enjoy a full eight hours of sleep. The alarm signal is created by a mechanical ‘beak’ that imitates the sound of a woodpecker drumming against a tree and replaces the typical electronic buzz that shocks users into waking up. The sound can be customised by placing the beak against different objects, making it unique to the individual. The clock face is hidden on the underside of The Alarming Clock to eliminate clock watching – a pain point for many individuals struggling to get a restful night’s sleep.

Alarming Industries hopes to raise £15,000 to fund its first production run of The Alarming Clock, buy parts and raw materials and fund testing to allow the clock to be sold in countries outside Europe.

As a ‘thank you’ to supporters of The Alarming Clock’s Kickstarter campaign, Alarming Industries is offering some exciting rewards. These range from a set of beautifully illustrated postcards featuring the inspiration behind The Alarming Clock and Alarming tumblers to help you create different sounds to wake up to, to early bird specials and limited edition clocks made from your desired species of wood, giving you a one-off Alarming Clock.

The Alarming Clock is the creation of Scottish designers Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray.

Founder Natalie explains how the Kickstarter campaign will help Alarming Industries grow: “The Alarming Clock has been in development for a long time and we have been crafting it to ensure the highest quality and usability. Now we need your help. Launching on Kickstarter, we hope to get backing that will enable us to produce more Alarming Clocks and expand our reach beyond Europe where we already have the CE certification mark. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase the product to the world, we hope you like it!”

Early bird prices of The Alarming Clock start from £180 on Kickstarter. RRP £220

About Alarming Industries

Alarming Industries was founded in 2012 by Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray – both product design graduates from The University of Dundee, Scotland. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing hand crafted electronic products for the home.