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If your phone contains a SIM card and uses the older D.E.S. (data encryption standard), not only are you vulnerable to being hacked, but all it takes is an SMS message loaded up with a malicious virus to allow someone to listen in on your phone calls.

Karsten Nohl, the founder of Security Research Labs in Berlin, discovered the flaw that may have left up to 750 million cellphones open to attack. Fortunately, the newer security standard, Triple DES, protects phones from the attack, but plenty of consumers are still using the older models equipped with the outdated D.E.S..

While phasing out the older SIM cards should solve the problem, Nohl also suggests improved filtering technology as a way of stopping hackers from exploiting the flaw. I would think the latter method is superior, as it will also covers those with older phones.

via TechDigest