Normally, the way things normally go, a company will announce its new flagship smartphone. Then, either at the same time or some time shortly thereafter, they will reveal their lineup of official accessories. Even when it comes to third-party accessories, while there may be some leaks ahead of schedule, the actual accessories don’t get formally announced until the phone itself is announced. LG doesn’t like that idea and so here we are with a formal unveiling of the LG Quick Cover for the LG G5.

This is not a leak. This is a not a rumor. This is an official press release from LG itself to announce a case for a phone that the company itself says is “yet-to-be-announced” and “does not yet exist.” That’s not weird at all, even if everyone already knows that the LG G5 is right around the corner.

In any case (no pun intended), the biggest appeal of the new Quick Cover is that it has the same kind of “touch function” introduced in the Quick Cover View for the LG K10. This allows users to view the practically-confirmed “always on” display of the LG G5 without having to take the cover off. The semi-transparent mesh also allows your touch to pass through, so you can still take calls and control alarm settings without opening the case.

Based on the rendered hand holding a rendered phone in a rendered case, our best guess is that the LG G5 will continue in the 5.5-inch kind of tradition as its predecessors. Expect the LG G5 to finally become official later this month, even if its first accessory is already official here today. A few more images and the press release are below.

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Introducing a Case for a Smartphone That Does Not Officially Exist

TORONTO, Feb. 11, 2016 LG Electronics (LG) took the wraps off a new version of its Quick Cover case, designed specifically for LGs next generation flagship smartphone, LG G5, which does not yet exist. Known as a company ahead of the times, LG took this characterization to heart by revealing the existence of the accessory before the actual product.

The latest LG Quick Cover offers the advantages of previous Quick Covers but with even more features. The touch function, recently introduced on the K10s Quick Cover View, is now available on the G5 Quick Covers semi-transparent mesh cover. It enables users to take calls and control alarm settings without opening the case for the ultimate in convenience.

The always-on display rumoured to be a feature in the LG G5 allows users to check the time, date and notifications with the case cover closed. LG also incorporated a unique film with a glossy metallic finish to enhance the smooth and luxurious look and feel of the cover for maximum consistency with the speculative LG G5.

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